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Long-term partnerships

The overall site extends to approximately 44 hectares (106 acres), of which 26 hectares (in excess of 60 acres) will remain undeveloped. The landowners commit to providing this space in perpetuity, with the area retained and managed, creating a new publicly accessible, biodiverse green space which leaves a lasting legacy for the people of Winchester.

L&G, Gisborne and the Church Commissioners for England are committed to involving local stakeholders in the potential future management of the site. We aim to create a long-term framework partnership to ensure habitats are managed according to best practice and that the needs of the protected species on site are met.

A construction and environmental management plan has been created as part of the outline planning application to demonstrate that the mitigation and best practice required will be secured as part of the planning process. In addition the nature of any plans for how the legacy land is to be protected, managed and used will be the subject of further consultation to ensure as many views as possible will be given a voice and an opportunity to engage.

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We want your thoughts

Let us know what you would like to see incorporated as part of the 26 hectares (in excess of 60 acres) of legacy land that will be retained as publicly accessible and biodiverse green space.

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