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We need your help in shaping future use of the legacy land

The Church Commissioners for England, Legal & General and Gisborne have consulted closely with people across Winchester, to better understand the community’s aspirations surrounding the redevelopment of Bushfield Camp.

What became clear throughout these consultations was the importance residents place on accessing and enjoying green open spaces. Regarding Bushfield, this included a clear request from the community to understand how the Church Commissioners for England will commit to safeguarding a very large proportion – and in fact the majority – of the site as accessible, green open space.

Through our online survey, we would like to understand how we can work together to maximise the potential of the legacy land as part of Bushfield’s future redevelopment.

How you can help

Online survey

Take part in our online survey to help us understand how you would like the legacy land to be used.

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Our aims and values

Central to our plans for Bushfield’s redevelopment is our:

  • Ambition to maximise the legacy land
  • Commitment to provide circa 60 acres – over half of the whole site – for use as new, publicly accessible, open space
  • Goal to deliver better accessibility to Drovers Field

Planning permission

If outline planning permission is granted, circa 60 acres of land as part of that permission will become protected from future development.

It is the nature and use of that land which the Commissioners wish to engage with Winchester and the wider District’s community on as part of this survey.

We are excited to make this unique and significant commitment to the community for what will be a very large addition to Winchester’s provision of open space.

This round of engagement will be used to inform decisions moving forward to creating an appropriate structure for managing the land, subject to outline planning permission being granted.

Public access

The site’s green space totals circa 60 acres (the equivalent of 32 football pitches).

It is important to understand that, at present, there is only a small parcel to the north of the site, on which the owner has granted permissive public access. Currently, no public right of access exists across the rest of the site. Please see below left map showing the current access to Bushfield.

The map to the right demonstrates how the 64 acres will be opened up for use as publicly accessible green space.

Current access

A map showing Bushfield’s current permissive access
A map showing Bushfield’s current permissive access

Proposed development and legacy land

The current proposals to open up 64 acres of publicly accessible green space
The current proposals to open up 64 acres of publicly accessible green space

Join the conversation

We want your thoughts

Let us know what you would like to see incorporated as part of the 26 hectares (circa 60 acres) of legacy land that will be retained as publicly accessible and biodiverse green space.

Join the conversation